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Steve Somers is the founder of Amazing Teacher, a company that produces educational presentations designed to train, motivate and inspire young and old alike.

His appearances have taken him throughout the United States actively engaging students, teachers and parents with powerful programs and life-changing principles.Using tricks, illusions, drama, puppetry, stories, and music Steve makes learning fun wherever he goes!

But Steve is more than a veteran educator. He is an engaging entertainer; a motivating speaker, a talented puppeteer and the author of several books for children.

Steve Somers is an amazing teacher who will dramatically captivate the imagination of any audience.

Who Is Amazing Teacher

At Amazing Teacher, our mission is to motivate students of all ages to read!  We believe reading stimulates creative thinking, develops a powerful imagination and is the impetus for “real world” problem solving.
Learning should be fun.  Real education should engage the mind, excite the heart, and expand the possibilities of life.  
100GuaranteeWe guarantee that our programs are engaging, entertaining and maintain the highest standards of educational significance. Each show has been developed to inspire students to succeed. If you are not satisfied for any reason, then you do not pay. That is our word and promise.

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Amazing! 100
Wow! 96
Incredible! 92

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